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Diane Cornett

Children's Minister

I was born and raised in Bluffton and attended FCC.  I moved to TN where I got my degree in Social Work and then got married and moved to Charlotte, NC.  There I had two wonderful boys, Ryan & Alex.  Shortly after the births of my two sons my husband left me.  I was devastated but praise God that thru my despair He shined!  I rededicated my life to the Lord and made a promise to never leave Him on the back burner again.  I was offered a position as a children’s director and from that time on have made the decision to serve my God wherever He wants.  I cannot imagine my life without God and honestly I don’t want too!  My boys are now raised and love Jesus with all their hearts!  Thanks Jesus for being a God of second chances and pouring down your mercy and grace on me!  My goal is to keep loving God and loving people and to always work at growing closer to the one who created me! My favorite scripture is 1 John 3: 18-23 – when I get myself out of the way, God‘s presence resides in me!

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