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From Pastor David

Did you get to meet Brandon Kelley and Sara over the weekend?  With three open house sessions on Saturday and the two worship services on Sunday, it had to be physically and emotionally taxing for them, but they did not show it.  Their energy is one of the advantages of youth.

The Pastor Search Team was eager to provide plenty of opportunity for members to meet and hear from Brandon, and he was glad to comply.  At each of the two-hour open house sessions on Saturday, Brandon and Sara shared their personal testimony, and they invited any questions that anyone wanted to ask.  On Sunday they were still in the building until after 1:00 PM having conversation with some who couldn’t be present on Saturday.

Congregational vote continues through Sunday, October 21.  The call to Brandon as Senior Pastor must be confirmed by a vote of approval from the congregation.  Church members, age 16 and above are welcome to vote.  Ballots were available following the worship services on Sunday, and many of you took advantage of the opportunity.  Ballots continue to be available at the church until after worship on Sunday, October 21.  Any qualifying member may submit a ballot request (once only) and receive a ballot to enter their vote.

IN OTHER NEWS . . . Many have commented on the fresh new look in our worship area, and most of the comments have been very positive! J  The new worship backdrop was the work of a servant team that I call a Worship Arts Team.  In this case it was Kandice Estill, Bruce Ley, Keith Frauhiger, and Aaron Wood.  The aim was to create something evocative—something artful and inspirational that each observer may interpret.  I tell people that, to me, the parallel strips represent a vortex with prayers going up and blessings coming down.  One member suggested that the shapes in front of the baptistry speak to her of burial and resurrection signified in baptism.  Even if the backdrop does not evoque any deep thoughts for you, I hope you can appreciate the intention.  The appearance of things will change again in December when we observe the season of Advent.

See you Sunday

Pastor David

From Kristen Dauterman, Children’s Ministry Team Lead

It was brought to my attention that some people may not be familiar with what Trunk or Treat is. Trunk or Treat is an outreach event held at FCC for community children on October 31.  Tables are decorated with various fun and/or inspirational themes, some with interactive elements, and, of course, distribution of treats. We also serve food in the fellowship area, and we hand out a Bible or a devotional book (alternating year to year). We are still looking for donations to help offset the cost of purchasing the Bibles, candy, and food. We are also looking for people to help run/decorate 8 more tables. 


You have the opportunity to come up with a theme for your table! Examples from years past are: Encouragement, Armor of God, Jesus is the Light, and God is our Superhero. You may reuse any of the themes from the past or create your own theme with a Bible verse or Bible story that means a lot to you. You can be as creative, crazy, wacky or wild as you would like. We simply ask that you keep it God centered with no spooky items. We are here to share Gods hope, peace, and love with our community.

Thank you all for your generosity and help with trunk and treat this year! Let's make it wonderful and  bless every heart  we come across Wednesday evening! Please contact Katie Trinkle at 260-710-0130 with any questions or if you are interested in serving that night. 


From David Reiff, Christmas Eve program producer/director

It is with anticipation that we look forward to the holiday season.  As Pastor David has said, a Christmas program has been written and we are needing willing servants!  Before you think to yourself, “I can’t act…,” there are far more jobs than just acting.  If you think you can help with any of the following jobs, please take courage, step up and offer! 

  • Set Design – Creating a whole new world…
  • Set Build – Building that whole new world
  • Lighting – Lighting up the new world
  • Sound – Making sure everyone can hear the actors and sound effects
  • Video – So everyone can see
  • Music - Singing or playing any instrument
  • Acting – Making people believe you are a different person
  • Costumes – Taking people back in time with clothing
  • Props – Finding all those little items that people don’t think about, but are necessary
  • Child Care – Taking care of the youngsters
  • Outreach – Getting the word out through digital media, traditional media and word of mouth!
  • Welcoming Group – Making Sure people feel welcome coming through our doors
  • Food – Preparing and serving food for church family and visitors for fellowship after the program
  • Drivers – Pick up riders before and dropping them off after the program

If you are interested in helping, please pick an area of service and call or text David Reiff at 260-273-7633.  Christmas is less than ten weeks away.

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