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From Pastor David

This week I am attending the IPM (Interim Pastor Ministries) Summit held on the campus of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois.  One of our speakers commented that the world was very much aware of the summit that occurred this week in Singapore, but that summit was of far less consequence than this one in terms of God’s purposes.  I feel privileged and honored to be in the company of so many gifted pastors devoted to helping churches at a time of leadership transition. I look forward to this Summit each June as a time of instruction and, even more, as a time of inspiration and encouragement.  Thank you for allowing me the time away.

See you Sunday,

Pastor David


From Dennis & Susie Wood

Sunday June 10th will be a day we will always cherish.  The love and support the congregation gave Susie and me was overwhelming.  The words of affirmation, the memorable stories, even the tears shed were a very special gift to us; as well as the unexpected gift of the guitar I have been using to lead my FCC family in worship.  Add all that to the gracious extra financial support the elders have offered to help us in our search time, you have all gone beyond the “call of duty” and raised it to a “act of love.” We will always have a special place in our hearts for FCC and will always cherish the good memories.

It is with both immense sadness and great excitement that I write this final letter to you. as my 24 year ministry at FCC comes to an end.  Sadness, because I have been closely connected to this church for 35 years since coming here out of Bible College in 1981.  Excitement, because I know God has incredible new plans for Susie and me. 

I am grateful for the years we have spent here in Bluffton.  An Associate Minister serving one church for 24 years is almost unheard of.  And worship pastors most often come and go after only a few years.  I have truly been blessed to have served with one congregation for so long.  And though leaving my comfort zone brings some anxiety, I am eager about stepping out in faith into the great unknown. 

“All things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose.”  I truly love God and have never been closer to Him than I am right now.  I trust that this is the reason for his leading me in a new direction at this time and believe that it is all a part of his purpose for my life.  “I know he plans for me, plans to bless me – plans to give me a future filled with hope.” (DWVersion)

You are loved!

A thousand blessings,

Dennis & Susie

From Pastor Search Team

This week the Search Team completed the job posting for our Senior Pastor search. It will be posted by the end of the week on job sites for 12 of our Church of Christ related colleges.

The Search Team would like to ask our congregation to be in prayer for the team and for the new Senior Pastor whom God is preparing to come to FCC. We are organizing the following activities to help us be focused on God’s plan for His church:

  1. Sign up to pray every Monday night at 7 p.m. This is the time the Search team will be meeting. We will also let you know when other important meetings will be happening so you can be praying. We will put a texting group together for these messages.  Gary McFarren will be available after each service on Sunday to enroll you in this prayer commitment.
  2. We will have a journal at the end of the main hallway where each of you can write words of encouragement to our future Senior Pastor. You could write a prayer, a Bible verse, or any other thoughts you have for him. We will give this to the new Senior Pastor when he arrives. Please keep these words anonymous.
  3. We will have special prayer nights during this process. We will get together to pray and worship as a church body.
  4. We will ask that all small groups, Sunday School classes, and other church groups put the Senior Pastor search as a top priority in their prayer time whenever they get together.

Thank you for your prayers and constant encouragement as we go through the next important step for the future of FCC.

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